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New Products

ART has a full line of approved torsion stop retainers in stock. We have also developed a new front axle to helps guys who use 6", 7" adjustable, or gas front shocks. We have a treaded 3 hole axle to get your shock travel correct. We also designed a custom titanium stud for this new axle.

Many customers have been asking for them and now they are here. BILLET REAR ARMS, we added a little more left rear wheel clearance to our arms compared to our competitors. We also have a new billet torque tube strap and billet jacobs ladder straps with built in spacers.

Stop Retainer Adjustable Front Axle Adjustable Front Axle Titanium Stud For Adjustable Front Axle Billet Ladder Straps Billet Rear Arms Billet Torque Tube Strap

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2013 Major Accomplishments

Kyle Larson - Trophy Cup
Andy Forsberg - Placerville Speedway Champion
John Carney - ASCS 305 Champion
Shane Stewart - Knoxville 360 Nationals
Mason Moore - 360 Fall Nationals
Cole Wood - ASCS Nat. Rookie of the Year



2014 Winners
Geoff Ensign - Petaluma Speedway
Rico Abreu - Placerville Speedway - KWS
John Bunch - Marysville Raceway Park
Keith Bloom Jr. - Silver Dollar Speedway
Justin Sanders - Placerville Speedway
Terry McCarl - 34 Raceway
Geoff Ensign - Petaluma Speedway
Ryan Bernal - Calistoga Speedwat - USAC 360
Andy Forsberg - Placerville Speedway
David Gravel - Merced Speedway- WoO
Rico Abreu - Stockton 99 Dirt Track (360)
Rico Abreu - Thunderbowl Raceway - WoO
Andy Gregg - MRP - Civil War
Rico Abreu - Silver Dollar Speedway
Marty Perovich - Sydney Speedway
Matt Reed -
Midura Speedway
Rico Abreu - Cocopah Speedway - Nat. ASCS

Rico Abreu - Cocopah Speedway - Nat. ASCS
Kyle Hirst -Simpson Speedway - Aus.
Kyle Hirst - Avalon Raceway - Aus.

Kyle Hirst -Simpson Speedway - Aus.


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Attention Drivers & Owners. Have you won in a ART Chassis?
Send us an E-Mail and let us know how you have done. Photos will be used on our website and advertisements.

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